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Monday, September 21, 2009

President Obama Visits Troy

Okay. It’s that time again. I had a small thought that’s turned into a big rant and you get to read it. This is way political so if you’re afraid of being swayed by my liberal ideology, skip this one.

I’ve just written half of this post, and I feel a brief (other) introduction is in order, just so you know where I’m coming from. Bear in mind as you read this that I am not a member or supporter of any political party. I believe in a no-party system (which is essentially the same thing as a one-party system, but the overlords have trained Americans to fear that phrase, so I call it something different so as to be taken seriously and not be called a Nazi) and voting for the guy best-able to perform the job, regardless of his religion. That being said, I am anti-republican.

If you are a republican, I automatically brand you as being one of two things. You are either a rich person who uses politics to stay rich (you are most likely either a politician or someone with great sway over one), or a sheep who believes what you’re told and still thinks going to war in Iraq served our national interest (you are most likely a someone who doesn’t pay enough attention to form your own opinion, or just doesn’t care and blindly believes whatever the church tells you to). I could be convinced that there are other kinds of republicans out there, but those are the only kind I’ve ever met/seen/heard of.

Until recently (the past year or two), I was convinced that the democrat party was no better. That they were equally heavy-handed with their message and equally dirty with their politics. I believed that because it’s what my overlords told me to believe (insert religion rant). I no longer believe it to any extent. I now believe that, while certain elements of the republican platform may be legitimate, they sully any good name their principles offer them, not by using a religion (which is bad enough), but by being a religion. I pray someone flames me for that, but I think all the republicans I know are too afraid of free information to read my blog (once again, my conclusion based on experience, to which I am not married and will readily abandon in the face of compelling evidence).

On with the blog.

So President Obama gave a speech at Hudson Valley Community College today. I just finished reading it and it made me sad. I’m not sad about education, healthcare and technological advancement being his top priorities. I’m sad that they’re not always everyone’s top priorities. What single thing could be more important than any one of those three? I suppose a case could be made for “defense.” But if you have education and technology, militarism will fall in line where it needs to be. It’s only in a nation where education is a joke that people need to be tricked into thinking that “defense” is important.

Prepare yourself. I’m going to vent a bit.

In my opinion, America’s hugest flaw is that we (as a nation) are uneducated. Every other problem comes back to that. And I don’t mean that people don’t go to college (though that helps). I mean people lack the basic education to be able to think for themselves. It’s the main reason the Republican party still wields a shred of power in a nation with “no official religion.”

After all he put us through, there are still people out there who believe that Bush II was a good president. If that’s not the work of some hardcore brainwashing, I don’t know what is. I won’t demonize him (at least I’ll try not to) because I don’t think he’s a bad man. He’s just retarded. And I don’t mean that to be insulting. Just a pure statement of fact. Someone as dumb as he is shouldn’t be put in charge of an ice cream stand. Okay, maybe an ice cream stand. But I’m so tired of presidential elections being about the “morality” of the candidates (remember, “no official religion”) rather than their ability to perform their job. Who gives a f*@% whether the president is honest? I’d much rather have a liar who knows how to run a government than an honest simpleton.

And before you say “all politicians are liars,” let me preempt by calling you a brainwashed sheep. “All politicians are liars” is republican propaganda. Republicans lie to get what they want (I know someone is going to argue that, but it’s the honest-to-God truth). They deliberately disseminate false information in order to further their own agenda. They know they do it, and they know we know they do it. The solution is simple: spread the idea that all politicians are liars, then nobody can hold it against you.

I’m a young man, so I have very little experience from which to draw. Really, it’s only fair of me to draw any kind of conclusion from our current president and our previous one. Before that, politics was not something that had anything to do with me, so I paid it no mind. I would love to draw conclusions from what I remember of Clinton’s presidency, but it really wouldn’t be fair because my mind at the time was not developed to the point that I was able to look at things like “the big picture.”

So I’m left with what I can only assume to be two shining examples of their respective philosophies.

Former President Bush: A draft dodger (and no, I never will let him live that down) and a deserter (anyone who thinks he should ever be forgiven for that can go enlist in the infantry to fight his war). For the purpose of this discussion, I don’t care. His goal, from the beginning of his term, was to rule America with an iron fist. To accomplish this goal (and accomplish he did), he exploited a national tragedy to start two wars (both of which we are now still fighting), manipulated two religions (Republicanism and Christianity) to guilt people into believing whatever he said, and flat-out lied about… well just about everything. The first thing that made me dislike this man was his stance AGAINST nuclear disarmament. Later it was his inability to understand the impact he would have on global politics, the national (and, by extension, global) economy, and his abundant ignorance of twentieth-century history. He took away your civil liberties (for which no man is ever forgiven) and showed his opinion of your intelligence by failing to even cover it up with competent fear-mongery. Logical conclusion: “I’m rich and I want to stay that way. But I’m stupid, so I’ll have to destroy the country to do it.”

current President Obama: Has not used his religion as a political weapon (and saying he’s Christian so that he stands a chance of being elected in a nation with “no official religion” doesn’t count), has not started any wars. From the beginning of his term, he’s made (and continues to make) an honest attempt to do all of the things he said he would do so people would vote for him. Professes to believe (and acts as though he believes) that education, healthcare and technological and social advancement are the most important things for his government to foster. Is he a draft dodger? Don’t know, don’t care. Is he a murderer? Don’t know, don’t care. He’s a man who knows why government exists: to “Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty.” Not only does he know this, he acts on it.

That’s really all for that (not really, but I’m just whipping myself into a frenzy and you don’t need to be here for that), but just to piss some people off, think about this. First answer this question. Don’t think about it, just react. Are you a socialist? If you’re American, you probably say “no.”

Now ask yourself this: don’t you think everyone should be able to eat every day? Don’t you think it’s the right thing for me to forego caviar so you can have bread? If you do, then like it or not, you are a socialist. If you also think that everyone should be treated equally in every way, regardless of their individual merits, and that it’s okay for the government to take something away from me and give it to you to serve that purpose, then you’re also a communist.

Just think about that when you go see Michael Moore’s new “documentary.”


  1. The problem little brother, is that many republicans don't think they should have to give up caviar so that you don't starve.

    Lets use a more complex, and real, scenario. Health care. (d'oh) Repubs believe that the health care system can, and should, be run by big business. They believe that a basic necessity like health care should be steered by the bottom line and profit margins.

    They think that if you are an illegal alien, that you should NOT be covered by a socialized plan. hmm, ok, so that means that if you are here illegally, and you get sick, we just leave you to die? Well thats not nice. Period. Now, I have heard the arguments, and I disagree. BUT, I can see where they are coming from. But they also have gone so far as to say that if you are an illegal alien, you cant BUY healthcare. What? So if you come from Mexico, illegally, and you need emergency room help, AND YOU CAN PAY FOR IT, the hospital should turn you away?

    Sounds pretty stupid to me.
    How about this instead: If anyone shows up at an emergency room they will be treated, independent of their sex, age, race, political/religious views or citizenship. Is that socialist? Probably, but its also the right thing to do. The republicans hide behind their religion to get their way, but ignore it when it suits their goal.

    Gay marriage is against the bible. Yes, yes it is. So is eating pork and shellfish. According to the bible if a non virgin tries to get married we are to stone her (that means "to death"). But we will ignore those because they in no way support our agenda.

    You know, in Europe if a politician mentions their religion they are considered crackpots. Just sayin...

  2. It's like I said when we were talking about free speech a couple weeks ago. The difference between the US and the UK is that we celebrate free speech while they actually have it. Ditto religion. We celebrate the separation of church and state to blind our citizens to the fact that we don't have it. You cannot get elected in this country if you don't openly support Christianity in one form or another.

    I can't wait until America joins the civilized world, and every time someone votes republican, they're saying they want no part in it.

    Whenever they're not in power, we need V-TEC to kick in so progress can be set in motion before the zealots take over again.

    And don't get me started on the whole gay thing again. Religion has no place in government, so there is no argument. Anyone who calls it an issue is putting religion in government and needs to get the f*@$ out of my country.

    An article you (PaulC) shared a while back (can't find it now), written by a... Northern European (can't quite remember) talked about how scared the rest of the world gets when there's a republican in the white house, and how much they worry when an election is as close as the last one. When the rest of the world is afraid of you, it's time to re-evaluate yourself.

    Honestly, the only obvious difference between the republican party and the Nazi party is that the republicans haven't started killing gays yet. They burn books, they have a severely inflated attitude of "my people are better than your people," they single out specific people groups that threaten their agenda, spread disinformation to weaken legitimate forms of government, and they think that just because of their nationality, they should own the world. Everybody thinks their country is the best. You don't need to pretend that ours really is. The only two things we're the best at are importing resources and exporting jobs.

    Personally, I think that when people start comparing you to Nazis, it's time to pack up.

  3. The article was from aardvarchaeology, and the specific post was:
    US Politics Have No Left Wing.

    And here is the money quote
    "Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, chairman of the second-most conservative party in the Swedish Parliament, said today that he agrees with Barack Obama's policies. This confirms what I said above very nicely. One of the most conservative viable politicians in Sweden is apparently on the same page as one of the most progressive US presidential candidates."


    You guys are so.....! Funny? Free speech in Europe? Bring teh funny! You do know about the Danish Mohammed cartoons, right?. Right? You did hear about the Canadian Human Rights Commision and Richard Warman, no? And denying someone of medical care? In the USA? Get out of the echo chamber. Too much Kos, kids.

    The "second-most conservative party in the Swedish Parliment? Dude, thats like almost pregnant.

    Im not a repub, a Bible banger, racist, or neocon. I am proud as an American that we have elected a president that isnt white. I hate the Patriot Act. I am loud and proud about gay marriage. Free Willie!

    I am not gonna let anyone tell me that America isnt exceptional. We rock. Period.

    Im not a republicant, Im a lib. As in libertarian(as in past tense classic liberal). Am I a hate monger because I think the fed is out of control? Am I a trog because I believe the second amendment is a means to control our government? Am I a racist for questioning the current admin? Gitmo-same. Patriot Act-same. Afghanastan-same.Whats the diff? Where is the warm fuzzy hate from two years ago? Remember when it was cool to "SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER" Hmm?

    So, lets move forward. I HOPE that the CHANGE will include reform. TPOTUS says he will pay for his grand plan by cutting Medicare waste. Ok, show me. Prove it. Start small and let us see. Show me the money.

    Sounds like LBJ and the War on Poverty. We have spent a lake load of cash and the poverty rate is still the same as it was in the '60's.

    Religion is accepting a premise on faith. You must believe! Ignore your lying eyes! BELIEVE!