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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dude. Don’t get a Dell.


So disappointed right now. So I bought this laptop a couple months ago. Very cool machine. Beautiful toy. Big and powerful. No complaints in that respect. That being said: piece of junk. Piss-pool design, poorly manufactured, breaks down after a few  months of less than normal wear. The body is cheap, bendy plastic. I can push the bottom of the screen and it bends. The hinge that opens and closes the laptop seems to be designed to ensure that it will break outright after less than a year of regular use. The webcam lens is located precisely where you’re most likely to put your finger when you open the laptop.

Now there are dead spots in the touchscreen. There’s about a one-inch square towards the top of my screen where I have to put a lot of pressure behind my finger to make it register. Forget about a long press.

That’s the only functional problem so far, but the thing is going to break. I can feel it every time I touch it. This laptop is super cool, and it’s pretty powerful, but it was designed by a first-year art student with no background in engineering or mechanics. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if this machine lasts the two years I need it for.

So disappointed. I’ll be overpaying for a Vaio next time. Touchscreen be damned. Or I’ll just live with my Android device. Unbelievably disappointed. I don’t know what else to say. Don’t buy a Dell laptop. Technically very cool, but physically they’re shitboxes. I just feel duped. Anybody else have any experience with Dell being shit? Or not? What about other laptops? Kerry has a refurbished Vaio and it’s awesome. I don’t know about HP, Toshiba or any of the smaller brands. I know my mom’s little bitty Acer isn’t too bad. Who’s got an opinion?


  1. Probably over kill, but I like my Panasonic ToughBook. Drop it screen first off the hood of a car onto a concrete floor? No problem. It really is tough. All ports(power,usb,etc) are plugged with rubber doors that dont wear out. Hard drive and battery are easily swapped. Its not waterproof, but it is really really "spill resistant".

    Ok, dont need that much tough? I dunno, I guess Asus is next in line. After that, Alienware, kinda a beefed up Dell. Or, go all out with the IBUYPOWER Battalion 101.

    You do know that you know more about computers than me, right? But, hey, you asked ;)

  2. Dell has multiple tiers, unfortunately the touch screen only appears to come in the consumer tier, and not the professional tier. :|
    The professional tier Dells (Latitude?) are more expensive and worth it.

  3. The Latitude XT2 is a full-on Stagate Atlantis tablet. Capacitive touch AND stylus. You're right, they are a professional product. I sooooooo wanted to get one, but I didn't have three thousand dollars to spend on a tablet.