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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tea Nazi Rant.

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This is a rant. It is a rant about republicans and religion in general. It’s pretty heavy at the end. If you’re not in the mood to be depressed and/or pissed off, don’t read it. You have been warned.

Saying you believe in separation of church and state doesn’t make it okay to try and get the government involved in religion. Either the government can legislate religious issues or it can’t. Marriage is an institution of religion. If you think the government should be allowed to say anything about it, you don’t believe in separation of church and state. The end.

It’s okay to not want church and state to be separate. They’ve got religious government all over the middle east. Just look how happy everyone is. There’s no drinking, no gambling, no singing in public, no women without hats, no pornography and (best of all) NO FAGS!! Sounds like paradise to me. Christianity was a driving political force throughout the middle ages. Science was illegal and everybody was just so damn happy.That’s why there were so many crusades. People were just so happy and so excited to share the love of Christ that they went to the middle east and killed people (people who worshipped they same God they did) for worshipping a different God than they did.

The structure of the American government is based around the idea that religion and government in the same building is a bad idea. Don’t you dare say America was founded on Christian morals, or I’ll put you in jail for coveting your neighbor’s ass (the Old Testament will stop counting when you take it out of the “holy book.” But that’s a whole other topic).

But this is all ancillary to the big picture. The religious, conservative republican party is the same beast that every Christian political force before it has been: rich people trying to get richer by saying the right things to maintain their power base. That’s what religion is. Religion isn’t about God, and it’s not about salvation. Those are just the tools it most often uses to keep people under its thumb. It’s about money and it’s about power. I think no one understood the power of religion better than L. Ron Hubbard, who said: “I don’t want to make money writing science fiction. If I wanted to make money, I’d start a religion.”

One person doesn’t have a religion. One person has faith, and there’s nothing evil or insidious about that. There’s nothing wrong with believing in Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha (etc.), or even Xenu. Religion is a corporate stupidity. Religion is saying “I believe what you tell me because you’re smarter than me. Anybody who disagrees with you is wrong because I believe what you tell me.”

Here’s what I’m talking about: There are actual Christians out there who honestly believe that the Bible doesn’t contradict itself. You cannot have read very much of the Bible and still believe that. In one bit, God says “don’t kill anybody.” In another bit not too far away from that, God says “go over there and kill everybody. Yes, even the women and children.” He even sends an angel (or at least, a guy from out of town. And I’m not being glib: it’s genuinely unclear) to lead the charge. That’s just my favorite example. There are others as well.

“But the Bible is the word of God, so it can’t possibly contradict itself. You’re taking it out of context.” I thought that’s what the Bible was for: taking bits out of context and making them say whatever is convenient to make your point. That’s what every guy I’ve ever seen quote it on TV does. That’s why there’s so much of it: to discourage the common people from reading it so the priests can tell them what it says and what it means. For a while that didn’t happen as much as in the good ol’ days, but now we’ve come full circle.

That’s what the Nazi party was in the 1930’s, and that’s what the tea nazi party is today: religion. That’s why religious political movements are always (ALWAYS!) anti-education. The German nazis burned books, and so do the American ones. Because anyone who has a mind inquisitive enough to seek education knows they’re full of shit and sees that they’re just saying whatever they have to say to get and keep power. Just like Hitler. Hitler didn’t hate Jews. He didn’t hate anybody. He just needed an object to put the hate on, and Jews were convenient. They were everywhere, so anywhere he needed to go he could get people hating them. Just like the tea party (and the rest of American Christendom) is doing with anyone who doesn’t have a traditional sexual orientation (even those who’s physiology prohibits it).

And before someone calls me on it: I know there are Christians in America who aren’t total assholes. For every Christian I know who is a complete waste of genetic material, I know at least one who is worth their salt. But as long as you call yourself a Christian, you choose to allow bigots and hate-mongers to be your public voice. I base my judgements on what I see and hear. That’s all I can do. So you have to be just as loud as they are when you say “he doesn’t speak for me,” or nobody hears it, which is why people hate you for being a Christian, and why I had to stop doing it.

And it’s going to work. They’re going to win. The tea nazis are going to gain power, they are going to become a major force in the government, and the next world war is going to be everbody against us. But this time, it won’t be a nation trying to conquer its neighbors. It will be a new crusade (because we didn’t learn anything from the old ones) to conquer the world in the name of Jesus. It’ll be just like Command & Conquer. We’ll be Nod. I’ll put money on the fact that we’ll even wear red (you can’t be a Christian army and not wear some red. It’s the rules).

Why will this happen? Because half of us are too stupid to know any better and the other half don’t care enough to do anything about it. Just like nobody in Germany cared enough to stop Hitler before he rose to power, even though they knew it was likely togo wrong. They were all too excited about a re-ignited German nation to care about how they got there.

And just like the allied forces did to the citizens in the towns with concentration camps in them, whoever finally beats us is going to make us walk through the re-education centers where we sent all the atheists and all the gays. They’re going to line us up in front of the ditches where the bodies of all the people who were tortured to death or killed themselves because they couldn’t handle the torture any more are rotting because there are so many they can’t be buried or incinerated fast enough. They’re going to point their guns at us and make us look at all the death. And they’re going to say “you did this. This is your fault. You are as responsible for all of this as the men at the top because you let them do it.” All the stupids will have joined the army, so the only ones left to be marched through the camps will be those of us who know that it really is all our fault.

Am I really the only person who sees this? Am I crazy? Someone please convince me that I’m completely out of my mind and that history doesn’t really repeat itself like every history teacher who ever lived says it does. Someone show me how the tea party is different from the nazi party. Maybe all the news coverage just makes it feel like it’s a greater problem than it really is. And if I’m not wrong, what’s a guy to do? I don’t want this to happen. What can I do to make it not? Vote? Right. Because my vote counts. Run for office? Right. Because I could get the support of a major party or am independently wealthy enough to run my own political campaign. Pray? Oh, I do. And, as previously noted, my vote counts. So this is what keeps me up at night. How about you?

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  1. First, note that the religious right is starting to say "We don't believe in the separation of church and state." So that makes much of their rhetoric less insane, but of course the basic insanity of mixing religion and government remains and is even stronger.

    As for the teabaggers coming into power. Yeah, that is some scary shit, no doubt. A political party that is anti masturbation, advocates a violent overthrow of the government, and is 100% sure that brown skin (or darker) = go to jail can't be allowed to get into power. If they do, all of your fears will be realized. BUT, it really does appear that they will be a flash in the pan. Note the Delaware mess with ODonnel, the last time that I checked she was trailing by double digit percentage points.

    Its funny to me that people moved to Canada when Nixon was elected. Nixon. Are you kidding me? At this point I would take Tricky Dicky as President and call it a win. Seriously, what would you do if a TeaBagger made it to the White House?

    And on a side note...
    New York states TeaBag runner wants to put poor people in prison and put them on chain gangs? Yeah, they aren't Nazis.

  2. marriage is not simply just about religion. it has many social implications in that it is not only the individual that makes up society, but the family. The family is one of the first and main influences in a child's life from birth. the family (or in the liberal sense, whoever desires to have a child) is the main contributor to society in keeping it running and even existent in that it provides people (children) to continue that society. it is not simply a religious institution, although in different cultures and within different religions marriage, the roles and implications of marriage can be quite different. that is why there is a different social status for those who are married and why a justice of the peace can preform marriage ceremonies.

    throughout history different religions have entered into the politics of a society and done both good and bad. the separation of church and state was originally intended for the protection of peoples freedom of religion (see works on/of the founding fathers, including Jefferson who himself was a dualist and not a Christian). it does not mean that religion had no part in the influence of government (i think the scriptures carved in the government buildings and language used between the forefathers speak for that just as much as the Medusa head along with several other Greek influences in the capitol buildings of the Province of Manitoba, Canada is an example to the original understanding of society, or the leaders of that society and the view of anthropology/sociology/ethics). So, simply put, religion has every right to influence government in that the people who believe it can adversely or beneficially affect society and lobby for what they think is not only good for society, but ethically right (abortion, marriage, environmental concerns, ect...).

    concerning people who are gay, which seems to be an underlying theme throughout your blog, there have been many Christians who have been wrong in their treatment of homosexuals in this country. If you define hate as simply disagreeing with them, then to be honest your argument is weak and does not warrant your anger. I do not know what your experiences are so I can only respond with a logical approach which can sometimes come across harsh. I work with a man who is gay, and I don’t think he thinks I hate him and to be honest I don’t. that does not mean that I support his view on relationships and marriage and if you really wanted a detailed explanation of my view I’d give it but, but this blog is more at the passionate level and my rationale is more “religious” than political.

  3. To address republicans (or conservatives if that term applies which is what I consider myself) would take a while longer, but I’ll keep it brief. your point of making the rich richer may have some validity to it, but essentially that is not my issue. I have no problem with wealth and people acquiring it. I am all for people doing what they want with their money unhindered. I am against government distribution of money that someone else has earned. I have not lost my confidence in democracy, I have never had my confidence in people. The problem is that people are essentially greedy, and that will not be fixed by any laws but a change of heart. Politics can’t do that, God can. I believe that I can do better with my money than the government can and the only way we can prove that is by example of being generous. The world is a screwed up place and it doesn’t need less Christian influence, but more Christians need to be a better influence (my definition of better may be different than yours).

  4. Your argument about marriage is valid, but I disagree. A justice of the peace can perform a marriage because Republicans want people to get married. If they don't go to church, why would they get married in one? So there has to be another way. Ta-dah! Justice of the peace, non-religious "ceremonies" so the GOP can count one more couple as "valid."

    But that's kinda my point. Why is it better for people to make life-long commitments? And I'm not saying marriage is bad. I'm married and plan to stay that way. But I don't think society is any better or worse of because there's a piece of paper that says the government approves my relationship. And if you marriage isn't religious, then it's nothing more than a piece of paper. Because when you take the God aspect away from it, what is it but a contract between two people and the government with a huge escape clause for the individuals?

    About money: If you think you can do better with your money than the government can, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. So should I call you when somebody needs to fix the road in front of my house? Are you the one to call when the local middle school needs to high a couple extra teachers?

    I've got no problem with people having money. I have no problem with people having tons of money and wanting to keep it. What I have a problem with is that they fool the sheep into voting for them by telling them what they want to hear, with no pretense of meaning a word of it.

    I also don't have a problem with people in office having religious beliefs and acting accordingly. But you can't set government policy based on your own personal beliefs. That's what separation of church and state means. You have to take into account the fact that not everyone believes what you do, so you can't set policy based solely on your own personal beliefs.

    And that's what the Republicans and the Tea Party want to do. They want a government based on their own religion. That's not universally uncool. For example, it wasn't a total disaster during the dark ages directly following the fall of Rome. In that particular instance, religion kept civilization alive. But it went on for far too long because the people that got rich from it wanted to keep getting rich.

    Again, nothing wrong with wanting to be rich. But exploiting the sheep to do it isn't cool. It's not cool for scientology to trick people out of their money and it's not cool for these people to fool the populous into voting for them. People who shouldn't be in government doing it just to get rich is just like somebody who hates children being a pediatrician to get rich.

    Religious zealots shouldn't be in government, and pedophiles shouldn't drive ice cream trucks.

  5. PS It's nice to see some new names engaging in discussion here. Do we know you SilentBreath, or are you someone new?

  6. Tea Nazi? Really? Church and state? WTF? Ya might want to actually read Jefferson's letter to the DBA. Might try some Federalist Papers. Get a grip. Really dude. The Tea People are here. Today. Tomorrow they vote.

    I really like your IF/THEN=THE END logic in the second paragraph. It shows your nuanced position on a complex subject. Or not.

    Sorry, didn't mean to double click, it's late, and I do not want to read thru your entire screed with your Pavlov dogs barking. Two paragraphs are enough for tonight.

  7. Ok, I'm Back. I was busy voting ;) I have read your post. Whew!

    Paulc and the Tea Bagger Apocalypse. Nice. Might work for a made for TV movie. Danny Trejo as Sara Palin! Paulc would be played by Basil Rathbone, of course. Thor, your stuck with Nigel Bruce. And, Nazis. Lots of em. Chronic masturbating Nazi warlocks praying to Jesus in the reichstag.

    The one gem in the whole read, "I am all for people doing what they want with their money unhindered. I am against government distribution of money that someone else has earned. I have not lost my confidence in democracy, I have never had my confidence in people." .

  8. PatP,
    Really, all I can say is "what?"
    Just tell me, what do you (tea party member) stand for?

    Do you want the church in your state?

    Do you want lower taxes and the required lower services?

    And if "yes" to the previous, what services would you cut?

    Do you want to outlaw masturbation?

  9. sorry one more clarification please,
    if you DO want church in your state, please choose the church, and again, be specific. For example "Christian" will not do, that is far too wide.

  10. I am PRO masturbation! So how about we start with a five percent reduction, across the board. Military, entitlements, everything. Also, a federal pay freeze starting 6 months ago. What do you think? We should be able to handle 5 percent, right?

    If you see me in church, your looking out the window, so it's not even an issue for me. I find it hard to read a screed such as Thor's intitled Tea Nazi. The Tea Party has absolutely no position on ANY social issue, period. Not abortion. Or Gay marrige. Or religion. Also, it's kinda funny that an admitted socialist would call tea party people Nazi. Well, more ironic than funny i guess.

  11. A) If they have no stance on any issues, they're not a political party. That's what a party is: a group of people with similar ideals who agree to take the same stance on most (or all) issues in order to get someone into office that they all think is a good choice.

    B) The Nazi party didn't have any position on anything either. Nor were they interested in church. That's why they were able to grab power so easily. They could say to everyone "we want what you want" because all they wanted was to get into power. Which is exactly what the tea nazis are doing. Spewing all kinds of generic, patriotic-sounding rhetoric to get people to like them.

    B) You're mistaken. They do have stances on issues. As PaulC pointed out, they are, in point of fact, anti-masturbation. They are also pro-war (in general, not necessarily this specific war), anti-education and anti-abortion. Let's not forget where they came from. These are former Republicans that are so bat-shit right-wing crazy they worry the GOP. They are pro-church and think it's unfortunate and un-American that everybody else isn't. They're an angry mob party of pro "us" and anti "them." "Us" in this case being the average, white, uneducated, American Christian.

    C) Socialism and Nazism are still polar opposites, just like they were last time you brought up that comparison.

    D) Socialism has been doing just fine for the US for the past 50 (60?) years (current unrest notwithstanding), under liberal and conservative governments. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with the way our government is run, but the socialist ideals (everyone is equal under the law, the government pays for people who can't pay for themselves, etc.) that drive it are sound.

    E) You're either okay with socialism or you're not. If you think it's good to take care of people financially who can't take care of themselves, then you're okay with socialism and somebody needs to fix the Social Security system. THAT'S WHAT SOCIALISM MEANS. If you're not okay with the money you earned being used to support someone else, then you're against socialism and they need to get rid of the Social Security system.

    I don't consider myself a "socialist," but I'm okay with it. Not to be confused with communism, which is best described as a system of no economy, where everyone works for the state and the state gives everyone what they need and nobody gets more than they need. Don't bother looking for a good example: there's never been one.

  12. Your right about one thing at least. The Tea Party is a MOVEMENT, not an established, entrenched political party. It has no leaders as it works from the bottom up, unlike a traditional political party. After yesterdays election you cannot deny the power they(we) hold. And if you could tear your eyes away from Soros funded propaganda sites once and a while and see what the "other side" had to say you wouldn't be so misinformed.

    To me progressives are the same as nazis(except progressives dont want to kill all the jews, of course). They both want to force their beliefs onto the individual. Sure, it starts with the smoking nazi. But you don't smoke. Kewl. Now comes the food nazi. In San Francisco, NO HAPPY MEAL FOR YOU!! Because, you know, its not good for you. But hey, you don't do MC D, so that's cool, right?

    Its true that more than a few TPs have latched on to Glenn Beck and his holy roller version of American history. Stupid is as stupid does. Its too late tonight to get into the DBA reference. As long as the movement sticks to economic issues, I will be onboard.

    So, lets chuck aside all the social issues and get down to it. I don't think you keynesians are Dr Evil. I just think your wrong. Give me three minutes. The quote, "Do you think Hitler rewards virtue", rings true to me.


    Did you watch it? Good. Love the green hair. When you have time go back and watch the whole interview. The Chrysler bailout then, Government Motors today.


    So please stop calling me a nazi, ok? I don't like it. In fact, try to only used the word to describe people in Germany during the third Reich that were, um, you know, nazis, umkay?

  13. edit above- change praying to spraying

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Holey fucking Xenu.

    Ok, again, you didn't answer the question about church and state, but your allusion implies that you are against it.

    But here's the deal, you say that you are a member of the Tea Party, you let them count you as one of their own, and then you say "but I don't believe what they believe."

    uhh, ok.
    And to be specific about what the tea party leader ship has said...

    Gun control: "Any one can own one or more, but you will be held accountable." I believe that you agree with that.

    Birth Control: "NO, and CERTAINLY not for teens."

    Sex education: "NO, that belongs in the home." (in spite of the overwhelming evidence that sex education reduces teen pregnancy and STDs)

    Abortion: "No, not under any circumstances"

    Masturbation: "dont do it, God says so" You seem to disagree with this, as any sane person should.

    Church in my State: "Yes, more please. In fact, lets base our laws on the 10 commandments" (So basically a form of sharia law, but with a paler God)

    Welfare: "cut it, deep" you seem to agree with this, which confuses the hell out of me.

    War: "more please, we need to take care of the arabs". You seem to agree

    Veteran Benefits: "sorry, I want lower taxes, gotta cut this, dont WANT to, but HAVE to" (lie)

    Taxes: "less" (Ok, but about that war and all of the veterans that you are creating...)

    Glen Beck: "He is super smart and to be trusted, completely"

    Sara Palin: "She is above reproach"

    (and BOTH Palin and Beck are doing this because God, you can see him through the window on sundays I suppose, told them to)

    Immigration: "stop it, NOW"

    Education: "We dont need to fund it, we dont need more elitists" (please note that one HUGE reason that our economy sucks is that we dont have enough workers. Yup, its true. Unemployment is HIGH, but we need more EDUCATED workers to grow the economy, but don't let the facts get in the way. We can either grow smart people here, or import them, but the Tea Party wants neither)

    Gays: "We can fix you, and until we do, you have no rights under the law"

    Careful, big brother, if the tea party gets into power, no doubt Andy and I will be in the second or third wave to be put up against the wall (gays and foriegner first), but you'll have a good view of it, as you will in the next wave.

  16. Gun control is a steady hand and nothing else. You KNOW I believe in "from my cold dead hands".

    Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!

    Birth control, sex ed, abortion and masturbation. Yea baby. Might as well add gay marriage and legalization of drugs. I got no problems with any of it.

    Ok. You didn't get the DBA reference. It was to point out why the "wall" between church and state will always be strong in America. Never mind. For the record, again, I strongly believe in that wall. Ok?

    Welfare? You progressives are an insensitive lot. Welfare is a bad word that hurts people. The correct term is public assistance, ok ? Even Bill Clinton used it,"to end welfare as we know it". Back when old school Democrats were still classic liberals, the honorable senator(D-NY) D P Moynihan published a report on the negative effects of goverment assistance. I don't expect you to read it, but you might icky wiki it to get the general idea. If your still confused, just chalk it up under that cold ruthless bastard.

    War. Yep. We are fighting a war. I wish we weren't, but we are. And I want to win this war. I'm not a multiculturalism kind of guy when it comes to radical religious fanatics doing the Pinky and the Brain on western civilization.

    Veteran Benefits. Gonna play that card, huh? Damn man, most card players would have thrown the police and fire/rescue first. Because I am a ruthless bastard, I say cut em all. See, we've got to fund the endowment for the arts.

    Taxes. Less.

    Glenn Beck and Sara Palin. Your demons, not mine. A few years ago paulc and I were heavy into a discussion I was losing so I slammed him with words a politician for his side had used. He responded that he was not a defender of that politician, but the basic principle was still sound. I have tried to not do the guilt by association ever since. But, if your thirsty for it, I can bring a heapin helpin.

    Immigration. I love it. We are still the melting pot. The number one destination for emigrants around the globe! Lets continue to stew. And, lets secure our borders. Get in line, wait your turn.

    Education. Well, whatever we do, lets keep throwing money at it. We can help make college more expensive by continually subsidizing it!

    Ya might want to back off that whole apocalyptic up against the wall thing if you want reasonable people to take you seriously. It's like Glen Beck, 180. Red meat for the masses. It works when your preaching to the choir, but your opponents will mock you with a made for TV movie.

    If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. When it stops, subsidize it.

  17. Edit. Change Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape! to If you touch my junk, I'm gonna have you arrested.