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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My first graph

I whipped this up over on Create-a-Graph. It seems certain people are in need of a reminder of the facts.


And here’s the compliment:

graph (1)

Something must be working.


  1. Tough choices. Do I go with the 'make me glo death ray hey look he's hung like a hamster and its online', or do I go with the Ned Beatty looking dude with the banjo music in the background feeling up my hamster sized wedding tackle? It sucks because I'm at the airport and 'the pool was cold' excuse wont work.

    You can go with this, or you can go with that.

  2. uhhh,
    how many terrorists attacks happened on US flights PRIOR to 9-11? And I assume "US Flights" based on your data, not your label. THIS is why security theater wins, because we say "well shit, at least its working", but by that logic, it worked back in the 70's when you could meet your inbound party at the gate.

    You should also look how many US flights were hijacked while John Wayne was alive. You will note that the answer is "none" so clearly we need to spend some cash cloning him.

    ALSO, I will send over my masturbation schedule (its in a database) and you can correlate that to terrorists attacks. I don't want to give away the money shot (!), but its interesting.

    bad logic.

  3. It is bad logic. That's kinda my entire point. You can't say "this is working" because you can't know what's working. They're still catching everybody, just like they were a year ago.

    It may be time for enhanced security measures, but these particular measures are not okay. The x-ray machines they use at airports have not been sufficiently tested and must be presumed to be unsafe. They're not the same as the x-ray at the hospital. But let's assume for a moment that they are as safe as that. Give me the lead apron that they make me wear at the hospital because they know that x-rays aren't completely safe.

    It is never okay for anyone who is not a law enforcement officer to force a bad touch on anyone in this country. Even in the case of a policeman, he better have a warrant with my name on it or at the very least he's losing his job.

    Having said that, put policemen in the airports, and I'll submit to a pat-down. Policemen are trained for that and do it a hundred times every day. I feel totally comfortable allowing a forty-year-old, uniformed cop to search me. It's been part of his job since he was twenty and he knows how to not get sued.

    I'm not comfortable with a nineteen-year-old minimum wage employee searching me for anything. Okay. Maybe they don't actually make minimum wage, but that's the kind of person we're dealing with: he was an emergency hire on September 13 and couldn't hold a job at Wal-Mart. I don't want his hands anywhere near my person. I don't care what kind of gloves he's wearing.

    As as side note: don't let anyone tell you that those x-rays never end up on the internet, because here they are:


    And there is still no independent (not conducted by the US government) research as to the safety of the new x-ray machines. Keep that shit away from me, thank you.