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Monday, February 8, 2010

Google Olympics Calendar

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about the Olympics, (totally missed Torino, barely aware of Beijing) but I am now. Particularly for the Canada vs. Norway hockey game on the 16th. Also looking forward to seeing a Canada-Czech final. We’ll see.

So Kerry and I sat down with the schedule to decide what we wanted to watch. We came up with hockey, skating (both fast and gay), ski-jump and curling (curling? Yep.). Well, this year there will be coverage on every flavor of NBC, as well as some overflow onto USA (they better not bump Burn Notice). So, while Kerry read me the TV listings, I drew up a rough chart on paper, from which I planned to later make a spreadsheet.

Turns out, the games go one for seventeen days. After about ten, my hand started to hurt. So I said “gimme that laptop,” and started making a spreadsheet. After messing around a bit with that, Kerry went to bed. So I started over. Now the first week of the schedule is on a new Google Calendar. That was easy. Tiny bit time consuming (just data entry), but super easy.

Anyway. Tomorrow (and Tuesday) I’ll be cleaning off my DVR to make room for all the games I don’t want to stay up late to watch. Everybody watch Martin Brodeur kick Norway’s ass on Tuesday. Then watch it again on Thursday.

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