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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Animated TV in HD

To begin: I’m whining and I know it. we’re just surrounded by all this great technology and it seems to make things worse, not better. I thought digital cable was a great idea until I started watching it all the time.

How come South Park and Family Guy look like ass on my 720p 37’ LCD? It’s animation! It’s drawings! from paper to camera to TV, it should all look the same! I get why Burn Notice looks better on HD cable than it does on Hulu. But why should that make a difference with an animated show? Okay. I exaggerate. It doesn’t look awful, but… It’s animation! It looks great until you digitize it and don’t bother to clean it up. I just don’t get it. Again, I know I’m whining now, bit dammit I want to understand.

Between filming the animation and it getting to my screen, where is it that the picture gets aliased and the colors get… made to look like a one-megapixel digital photo?

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