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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

google wave

Google Wave is a really cool collaboration tool. Very basically, it's a chat client like google talk, but it keeps every previous message or "blip" and allows anyone who is invited to the "wave" to edit them.

For example, Paul C and i are working on a robot project. So we have two waves going. One is a parts list, which for now is what we're going to buy, but might become "what we used." The other is a wave with notes like "what we want the robot to do" that we can both edit.

The really cool thing is that we edit them in real-time and can see each other typing as we're doing it. It's still in beta right now, and is pretty buggy, but it is going to be a powerful tool. I haven't figured out yet if you can upload pictures and other files, but i'm sure that will be a feature evenrually.


  1. you can upload pics.
    AND, multiple users can edit the same blip at the same time. :|