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Monday, November 9, 2009

Toys and Rocks

The day I got my DROID, Paul C and I were talking and he said that comparing it to the iPhone was a stupid marketing tactic. he said it's like comparing a miter saw to a screwdriver. I disagree. Comparing the DROID to the iPhone is like comparing a television to a rock. Television: versatile device that tethers to any other device i want, providing endless usefulness. Rock: good for hitting things and easy to use. the clear choice for those who want a simple device with a few innovative uses, but can only do one thing at a time.

more later. need groceries.

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  1. Your analogy is better, my point was merely "they are two totally different things." There is a place in the universe for the iPhone, its just not in my stable of gadgets. The iPhone is (as you say) good for what it is. If you don't mind waiting 15 seconds for the weather forecast, then the iPhone may be for you. Yes, thats a trivial example, but in my opinion, the iPhone is trivial.