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Monday, November 2, 2009

Security! Hello? Anybody!?

Dollhouse rant. If you don’t watch Dollhouse, gtfo my internets. But more importantly, don’t bother with this post.

Okay. So I just (last night) watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse season current. Still love the show, and I like the direction it’s taking. But one thing that has bothered me from the beginning, and is a continuing trend moving forward, is the dollhouse’s total lack of security. No video cameras, no guards, nothing. At least twice now, Echo has managed to escape. This time, she was completely helpless (had to figure out how a car works) and managed to escape.

WTF? What kind of circus are they running? How is it conceivable that an active can escape from the dollhouse? Why does the chair not have restraints on it? Okay that may be going a bit too far. Why is there not a second chair with restraints on it? Do they not even lock the doors? How can someone take the elevator up to the ground floor without knowing the password AND scanning their thumb? How does an organization so clandestine not take even the most basic security precautions? How is there one square inch of the dollhouse that is not under constant video surveillance? Money is no object for these people. How can this not be the most secure location in LA? Even after Alpha escaped and killed just about everyone in the Dollhouse, there is zero security in the place. Inconceivable.

The thing that really pisses me off is that this comes not from J. Michael Straczynski, not from Ron Moore or David Eick. This comes from Joss Wedon, of Firefly fame, who’s commentary on Serenity states that he cut from the film a scene or two that made the bad guys appear foolish. Seeing the cut scenes, they did make individuals appear gullible, but they didn’t make the evil organization with more money than brains seem foolish.

This ridiculous “plot device” of the dollhouse having no security does exactly that. This is a clandestine organization that traffics human beings. They make more money in one engagement than Bill Gates makes in a week. It is inconceivable that such an organization, while being so successful, is simultaneously so stupid. Completely inconceivable. Totally destroys every shred of the show’s (otherwise reasonable) believability.

I’m still enjoying the show, and I’m still going to watch it, but if this malarkey continues, I’ll be blogging about it a lot.

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  1. Dood,
    when I bring this up you slap me down.
    Happy birthday bitch.
    They DO have cameras, we have seen them used in some episodes, the security breach is that (get ready for it) nobody watches them. It appears that only Cruella (sorry "Miss Deville") watches the cameras, SOMETIMES. What the frack?
    Happy birthday bitch.
    And the chair DOES have restraints, we have seen them used, but again, there is no procedure that says "Use the restraints, all the time."
    Happy birthday bitch.
    Its not a money thing, its a stupid writer/director thing. "Lets ignore the camera's for this scene so that Echo can escape." Right, and nobody lost their job over that?
    How many times does Toby have to get his nose broken before he thinks "Hey, I should use those restraints!"
    Happy birthday bitch.
    But its all the same issue, I understand "suspension of belief" but for the love of Xenu, PLEASE don't rub my nose in it.

    oh, and by the way
    Happy birthday bitch.