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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thor’s New Look

I’ve been getting complaints (most notably from PaulC) that the right-hand column of my blog was not formatting properly. I’ve known about this since I started this blog, but I haven’t done anything about it because Google has made me soft. All I had to do was go into my BlogSpot settings and choose a different layout template. The only problem with this is that I liked my old color scheme. I tried just copying the colors section of the html, but the new layout didn’t like it.

So now I have new colors (which I like well enough) in addition to my new layout (which I hate). It’s a shame, because  I really liked my old layout, with all the square bubbles everywhere. But, alas, all the layouts I like the look of have right-hand columns that don’t format properly. So, problem solved. Left-hand column and new layout.

Also, I’m trying out this new thing called Zemanta (at the behest of PaulC). It runs as a sidebar in Live Writer Windows Live Writerwhile I’m writing a post. As I type, it picks out words that it thinks I might want to link, and displays different options for linking them. That Google link, for example, links to Google’s NASDAQ info. It also shows me what it thinks are pertinent images and related articles so that I can easily insert them. Every link in this post so far was a one-click affair. Except for PaulC. That was a zero-click affair. I have Live Writer setup so that the first time I type “PaulC” in any post, it automagically links to his blog.Wookieepedia's logo.

In my Zemanta settings, I also listed teampaulc.org and Wookieepedia, so it will (presumably) offer me links from those site as well. It also offered me that Wookieepedia logo over to the right, as well as the Zemanta and Live Writer graphics above. Unfortunately, no such love for the Team PaulC logo. Dunno what that’s about. But I do know where to find it:

So I’m diggin’ this. What do you all think of it? I think it livens up the ol’ blog a bit.


PS Anybody remember when it looked like this?Google's homepage in 1998

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  1. I like the new look a lot. Better than the old look. BUT can you change the color of the font on comments? It is a little hard to read the black font on grey background. White or yellow is betta.

  2. Yeah, black on dark grey is pretty hard to read.

    I have not user Zemanta yet, I installed it and just haven't posted any new blogs. When I write a blog post I spend a fair amount of the time researching links for the article. So I hope that zemanta will make that easier/better.

    As for the column move, what took so long? Now I can finally see the pictures in your rotater.

  3. one more thing... :D
    When you show a logo you should link back to the logo owners web page. When I click the Wookipedia logo it should take me to the page.