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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time's Best gadgets of the year.

My mom told me the DROID is Time's best gadget of the year. "Cool," I said. "Send me the article. so she did. Here's the article.


The article was basically a paid ad. Based on there's a plasma tv on the list, a canon and the nook instead of the kindle. I'm a canon man, but general sentiment is nikon or nothin. Also, the droid and the iPhone are both on it. The iphone is two years old, but still gets on this year's list because they make it "faster" now. But it's "okay" because the droid is number one.

And Dr. Dre headphones? Really? Sorry, but headphones that don't say Sony, Sennheiser or Skull Candy on them are not the best.

Neither is a plasma tv. coolest new technology this year? The DROID is really cool, but it's just an amalgam of old tech. the coolest new tech this year is the LED television.

Dyson air multiplier. Cool? sure. Best gadget of the year? surely not. It's just a fan. Put the new Dyson vaccuum on the list. That's a "best gadget."

Dell laptop. Any laptop that doesn't have a touchscreen is not the best gadget of the year. Any computer that is not a table or a window is not the best gadget of the year.

A Casio watch. It's a watch. A solar-powered watch. Is that supposed to wow me? It doesn't do anything, it's just a watch. Who even calls that a gadget?

Okay. Maybe it's not a paid ad, but it sure feels like one.


  1. Yeah, I shared that in my stream this morning.

    Ok, learn HTML please, that should be a link

    Nook? It belongs on the list. I loves me some kindle, but the nook has that clever color touch screen under the eink, that merits making the list.

    The Dyson is super cool, its a bladeless fan. Thats innovative. Dude, fan, no blades. Do you own one? I don't.

    Yeah, the iPhone is lame at #4. They upgraded the CPU and threw in a compass. [yawn]

    I am a Canon man as well, and I follow their product, the 1D deserves to be on the list. ISO 100,000, 16 megapixel at 30fps? Hell man, thats night vision. Are nikons good? yup, but in this case the canon is better.

    I don't understand the Dell on the list, but it IS a touchscreen and it has that really cool hinge AND its super thin and light. Hell, at least it wasnt the macbook air. :(

    I don't get why the watch is on the list, BUT it is super cool. Sets itself based on the atomic clocks in DC and Colorado so you never have to set the time. Solar so you never have to change a battery, up to 9 months of use with no sunlight. But without 100m water resistance, its hard to explain why its on the list. Also, why doesn't it beep when I have an appointment?

  2. Oh, I forgot, the headphones.
    they are made by monster, so IMMEDIATE minus 5.
    Monster sucks.

    But the 'phones have a built in mic and iPhone controls. So you can use them for music AND as a wired headset for your cell phone.

    Even still, should not be on the list.

  3. So the "headphones" are just like every other headset on the market, plus inline controls.

    You're right about the Nook, but wrong about the dyson. In the year that we got touch-screen tabletops and windows, a bladeless fan is still cool, but doesn't Get to be on the top ten best gadgets list.

    Really the upsetting things to me were the tv and the iPhone. I get that people like their toys, but do we really need to enable them?

  4. If a watch is going to be on the list of best gadgets, it should be this one

  5. That's all I'm sayin. Clearly a politically-motivated article. A watch that's just a watch is not a "gadget."