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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Help me Anthony Hopkins, you’re my only hope.

First of all, this isn’t happening, anymore than film adaptations of the holy trilogy.

Here’s the article from io9 about how to reboot Star Wars. Despite the author’s optimism, this will not happen while George W. Lucas is alive. Or gets bored with Indiana Jones (please God let that be soon). At this point in SW history, Lucas is just playing in his sandbox. Everybody else is all “hey. c… cool. More Star Wars. That’s… That’s great George. Thanks.” (translation: “*Sigh*… Well, it’s Star Wars, and I like Star Wars, and Revenge of the Sith wasn’t horrible, so maybe this won’t be either.”)

I’ll admit, I was excited when they announced the live-action series. But that was before I moved out of my parents’ house, and I (and televised science fiction) have grown up since then. Bottom line: as long as there’s still sand in “the Dune Sea” (that’s what he calls his sandbox), Lucas will not reboot Star Wars.

On the other hand, he is just the douchebag to pay somebody else to do it and just take all the money himself.

That being said, and having seen how well Star Trek’s reboot went, I got excited reading this article. I got right up to the point of casting it in my head. So everybody post your cast list. Or just one or two people you would love to see. I’ll post mine tomorrow-ish cause I am dead tired. My husband’s got me running all over the place while she’s at work all day.


  1. Had a long post, accidentally navigated away and lost it. Here's the short version.

    Writers: Joss Wedon/Neal Gaiman

    Director: Guillermo Del Toro or Sam Raimi

    Luke: Anton Yelchin

    Han: Jason Statham

    Leia: Katee Sackhoff

    C-3PO: Jude Law

    Obi-Wan: Ron Glass

    Darth Vader: Viggo Mortensen voiced by Seth McFarlane

    Lando: Jamie Foxx

  2. you should use Live writer and you wont have those posting problems... :)
    Seth McFarlane doing Darth Vadar in Stewies voice would me awesome!!

    Sorry, but I can't discuss a reboot, not because its a bad idea, but because I just cant fathom it. How could it be done without destroying the franchise? I would love to see it, but I just can't see the end game.

  3. Read the article I linked to. Lucas could keep playing in his sandbox while somebody else went and mode some actual money producing quality entertainment.

    And I do usually use livewriter. Except when I forget I have it.

  4. I liked the Star Trek reboot....

  5. Trek reboot was awesome. See my review in an earlier post.