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Friday, October 23, 2009

AI War: Fleet Command

I saw this link in Facebook’s ad bar, and it looked pretty cool, so I checked it out. AI War: Fleet Command is an AI-controlled RTS. For the layman, that’s a real-time strategy game in which the user issues general orders and the artificial intelligence controlling each individual ship does what it wants. If I issue a move order, the AI may or may not attack targets a opportunity, depending on the circumstances. If I issue a retreat order, the AI might attack targets of opportunity, but probably won’t shoot anything that will shoot back. Check out this video (hi-res and looks great fullscreen):

This is so cool. I’m saving my allowance right now (probably for a DROID), but this is definitely going on my wishlist.I’ll post a more thorough review after I play the demo, but I just thought this would be worth checking out.

PaulC: remember “Galactic Konquest”? This looks like that with AI battles rather than straight “who has the biggest fleet” calculations.


  1. Dood, its $14 at Steam. Go stand on the corner and sell kisses for a dollar, you'll have the money by dinner.

    You do use Steam right? I mean, right?

  2. Oh man, you KNOW that I loved Galactic Konquest! Its charm was in its simplicity, what a great game! Well, if this turns out to be "A more complete Galactic Konquest" I will love it.

  3. ZOMG!
    Its an EPIC game! And I don't mean "epic" in l33t lingo, I mean epic like its HUGE. Well, its also 3p1c, but you get my point. :|

    GREAT game.
    get it.