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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fear not, till Birnam wood do come to Dunsinane

Dude. Did everybody see the DROID commercial yesterday? I’m impressed and I haven’t even clapped eyes on the device yet. I’ve been a huge anticipator of the Storm 2, but this bit from Verizonwireless.com is kinda the final nail in the coffin.

DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license.

Dude. It’s the Star Wars phone. Let me repeat that for the visually impaired. IT’S A F#@*ING STAR WARS PHONE!!! AND IT RUNS ANDROID!!!

It’s 1:20 AM on the nineteenth of October, and Thor knows what he’s saving his allowance for.

And apparently, something will happen at midnight on October 30 (at least, according to the predator-style countdown on Verizon’s DROID page). Does that mean the ad campaign shifts into sixth gear on 10-30? Does it mean I can walk down to my Verizon store and buy the phone on 10-30?

I dunno. But I’m going to look into it. Not now. There are dirty, swaying men at my door. They’re looking for Brian. I need to go deal with that.


  1. Recall that we were at the midnight movie and I leaned over to you and said "We should consider Adroid" and you said "why?", well this is why. :D

    I agree.
    I am not 100% sure yet, but so far, its looking pretty good.

  2. OH,
    and I just saw somewhere that the Verizon Android phone will support.... WIFI TETHERING!
    Basically that turns your phone into a wifi hotspot that shares your 3G highspeed connection.
    I hear angels singing.

  3. doesn't the Storm 2 have that as well? From what I can gather, the DROID is basically a Storm 2, with non-clicky touchscreen, plus a flip-out qwerty and a 5 MP camera. To me the camera is the huge thing. If it's better than any camera I've ever seen on a smartphone. From what I have experienced, they all suck. Laggy shutter and shaky viewfinder. Crap phones have awesome cameras. My RAZR was great for that. That's the one gripe I have about 'berries. The cameras take great photos if you have a steady hand and a stationary subject. Otherwise, garbage.

  4. And do you remember what 11:20 (15 August) movie that was? District 9. I just took the ticket stub out of my wallet yesterday.

    And yes, this is why. I came home the next day and tried to find whatever phone you were talking about, but came up bupkiss. Now I know. STAR WARS PHONE, BEACHEZ!!!