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Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Business Card

I don’t “do business,” as it were, but from time to time I’ve thought to myself “how did I get here?” Just kidding (but I do think that sometimes. Then I think “this is not my house”). I’ve thought to myself “I wish I could just give this guy my business card.” But I don’t have a business card. So I know at least one person who “reads” my “blog” knows something about business cards, specifically do’s and dont’s. So here’s my first draft. Your input is required.

business card2

The blurred bits on the bottom are my phone number and e-mail address. I’m not married to the font. It’s just the first one (alphabetically) I could live with. The photo is of Pi Scorpii, the northern “eye” of the constellation Scorpius (or Scorpio). Got it from Google Sky.


  1. Well,
    how did I get here?

    First of all, you need to use a good email address and a good phone number. That means that you should get a domain, hook it up to google and use that address, more versatile. so if you register thorvindr.com, you could make your address andy@thorvindr.com, and in fact you can setup as many email addresses via google as you want. you could use one address for your card and then see how many emails you get from it.
    This will also allow you to register at a site and use a disposable email address like
    AND, you could put your blog under

    AND, do the same with your phone number once you get a google voice account.

  2. This card is a good start.
    First, don't put stuff in the corners. (sigh) It is counter-intuitive. It is cumbersome for your eye to go from corner to corner. You are much better off right justifying everything with all the contact information on the lower right. North Americans are trained from Kindergarten to go from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. Design accordingly. The most important information should be either in the middle or in the upper left corner. Can you e-mail this to me so I can mess with it?

  3. I mean, what is the first thing you want people to see? The name, right? So either put it in the middle with a larger font (like you did, nice job) or in the upper left corner (doesn't look good), or right justified above the contact information.