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Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're cookin' with Hydrogen now, baby.

This is a rant about this week's episode of Stargate Universe. This is a five minute conversation with a three second “I f*#@ing called it.” You probably don't care, but on the off-chance that somebody else watches SGU and also caught this (or didn't), here's my rant.

If you saw Stargate Universe this week, read on. If not, spoilers ahead.

Glad you decided to stick around. So, last week on SGU, Destiny fell out of hyperspace, presumably for a good reason. The initial assumption was that the ship was completely out of power and that the engines simply quit. At this point, I thought “well just open up the solar panels and recharge the batteries. This is an ancient ship. They surely had solar powered spaceships.” But I digress.

Luckily, the remaining shuttle still had power. So they determined that there were three planets orbiting the nearby star that might be habitable. The ship, it seems, dropped out of hyperspace where it did to give those aboard the best shot of survival. It appears that the ship is on a course that will slingshot it around one of the system's gas giants as a breaking maneuver. The crew guesstimates that the maneuver will put them on course to intercept the orbits of the three possibly-habitable planets. But no. Turns out, the ship comes out of the slingshot heading directly for the star. Bad for the people onboard.

Long story short, the shields were still up, but nothing else had power (including internal sensors), so they assumed the shields were down. Everything turns out okay, but there is some suspicion that Dr. Rush knew that the ship dropped out of FTL and shut down so that it could fly into the star, open its solar cells and recharge the batteries. To which I immediately said: “No shit, McFly.” I knew that and I don't have a degree in astrophysics, anthropology, or ancient spaceships.

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  1. Yes, but as your title implies, they were scooping up whatever from the star (maybe hydrogen) not using photovoltaics, but I digest.

    Yes, it was OBVIOUS what the ship was doing. Why would it use the planets gravity to slow down THEN commit suicide into the star? Why not just go right for it? Idiots. BUT, while it was obvious, I think that Dr. Rush did not see it coming. I say that based on his reaction to the ship not blowing up.

    On a side note....
    SGU is rapidly turning into "BattleStar Galactica, With a StarGate".
    Dr. Rush = Baltar
    Young = Adama
    Pilot = Lee
    Senators Daughter = six or starbuck
    Black guy = Saul
    HR Lady = Roslin
    Note that this week we even introduced a religious component. If they just follow the BSG formula I wont watch it. I HATE the "we have to have a bad guy that MIGHT be a good guy" plot, which is what BSP did with Baltar.

    I get that we need an antagonist, but I HATE when its a double agent, its a type of "Flintstones" plot, which I define as a plot device that even a child can see through, so why cant the characters? "BARNY! KUDZU DID IT, NOT BETTY!"

    IF Dr. Rush is THAT evil, and IF he knew about the ship just refueling, THEN he should be ejected from the nearest air lock. Period. He is evil and he can not be allowed to jeopardize the lives of the remaining 80 people.

    (I came up with 80 this way: the lottery gave everyone a "1 in 5 or 6 chance" so thats 75 - 90)