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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cable TV and Internet

Okay. So we're moving in June, and I'm excited. No more Albany, no more New York, and no more vindictive mailman who only occassionally puts my mail in my box.

But one thing worries me. What am I going to do for internet? I've never been anything but satisfied with Time Warner, but I've yet to hear anything good about Comcast. So my choice is "or death?" Who knows something about DSL or (shudder) sattelite internet that can give me some hope? I'll even take a positive Comcast story.


  1. I have had Comcast for YEARS and its fine. People just like to bitch, but comcast is way better than dsl or satallite.

  2. Okay. I guess I feel better now. Oh! And after today, I have negatives about Time Warner. We all were without service for the better part of Sunday.