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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quitting my job

So before I get a hundred e-mails asking me what I mean by "unemployed soon," here it is. I'm quitting my job next month, mostly because I don't like working for a racist black dude with a Napolean complex.

Things at the Home Despot have been up and down for the past year or so, but only since the recent changes in the command structure have I really hated going to work every day. And now they've changed my schedule so I'm working Sunday through Thursday. F*@# that, says I. Initially, I was just going to keep showing up Monday through Friday until they either took the hint or fired me. Then I decided to try and use up my vacation.

So I put in for two weeks in the middle of May. If I get them, cool. Those will be my last two weeks. I've already told my supervisor I'm leaving, and everybody else there can pretty much eat pooh. If I don't get them, I'm going to cash out my vacation on May 20, and those will still be my last two weeks. If they won't let me cash out, and my vacation doesn't get approved, then I'll get fired on or about May 20 and then by law they have to pay me for it (I'm not real sure of that).

So that's pretty much the plan as of now. Have fun. Drink safe.


  1. so your S.O. has health insurance?

    Dood, WTF!?
    "I am quitting my job because I am going to..."
    possible acceptable endings include (but are not limited to)
    1) Write the great american novel
    2) Write a great new bit of software
    3) Create ANYTHING (cook, paint, draw, write, whatever
    4) Learn a new skill/trade/art.

    on the other hand, possible unacceptable answers include
    1) play games
    2) watch food network and eat bon bons
    3) jerk off

    NOW, to me, it sounds like your activities fall more into the "unacceptable" category. Careful big man.

  2. Okay. FIrst off, I started writing the great American science fiction epic five years ago. I've gone on hiatus while I've been working here because when I'm not at work, I'm so drained that I don't want to do anything. Just ask anybody who asks me to do anything.

    I'd love to write a great bit of new software, but for the same reason given above, I haven't learned ANYTHING in the past three years. I mean nothing. Well okay that's exagerating. I've learned a lot about handling freight and how much working for a living blows. It's not so much the working that sucks, but the working for total morons. The knowing that I ought to do things one way and being told to do them in a way that lacks any efficieny.

    To sum up, I'm going to do all of the things on your "acceptable" list. I've been wanting to learn flash and java for a long time now, and I'll finally have time to do it. I've been thinking like a fiend all night at work, and when I get home and sit down to my keyboard, I'm just too beat to remember all the things I wanted to write about, so I watch Red Dwarf. So I'm going to do all of those things. They just aren't my reasons for quitting.

    On the other hand, I'm also going to do most of the things on your naughty list. But none of these are my reasons for quitting. I'm quitting not "so I can..." anything. I'm quitting "so I don't have to..." all the things I have to do at work.

    I'm going to be a stay-at-home wife for a few months so I can do most of the grunt work of getting ready to move and actually finding a place to move. Then I'm going back to school. During all this housewifery, if I can find a part-time job at a bookstore or something, cool. If not, I won't really miss the money.

    As for health insurance, Kerry's weekly paycheck as of next week will be about twice mine right now, and she'll be working ten hours a week less than I do. So paying for COBRAA will not be a difficulty.

  3. Aight.
    if you want to learn Flash and Java, don't. Well, not at first. Pick ONE, learn it, learn the other. AND, don't learn Flash, its
    Learn Flex, its Actionscript without all of the concessions for the script kiddies. I always have a Flex project or two that I am working on that you can work on if you want.

  4. Cool. Thanks for the tip. I was planning on learning one thing at a time, and I was only going to learn flash because I'm familiar with it's capabilities. I spend a lot of time on Kongregate and I want to submit some games I made. Only problem is, I haven't made any games because I only vaguely remember how to program html, and the only other thing I ever knew was BASIC, and I don't think that will be very useful.

  5. here you go drew