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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tagging Along to Buy Beer

So my buddy Earl and I, who are both obviously old enough, walk into a supermarket to buy beer. I don't have my i.d. On me, so Earl's paying. The chick behind the counter asks for my i.d. And she won't sell him the beer. Really? I mean come on. If I was 19, i'd have had my fake i.d. Because I would know that you might card me. But I haven't been carded since I WAS 19, so if I'm not buying, I don't even bring my wallet. Seriously. W. T. F?


  1. dood, you need to figure out how to add titles to your mobile blog entries.

    The chic did the right thing. What if you WERE under age, then died in a drunk driving accident? Its a silly little rule meant to save kids lives. Go with it man.

  2. Okay, but my point is that if I WAS underage, I would have my shit together and I would know that I would get carded even if I'm not buying beer, so the fact that I didn't have my ID should be eveidence enough that I'm old enough not to care what the rules are.

    I don't disagree with the rules. I disagree with the implimentation.

  3. Sorry, you are wrong.
    A 19 year old is dumb enough to go into the liquor store with the person buying for them.
    You SHOULD be tweaked that the did it (and you are), but you should focus that on the cause (underage drinking) not the effect (stupid law).

    If people didn't buy booze for kids this would not have happened.