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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ride Till You Puke 2009: The Reunion Tour

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That is the map of the trip Josh and I are taking in a few weeks

Here's the itinerary. We leave Albany early Sunday morning, arriving at Darien Lake around the time they open. We spend the day at that park, then we leave for Sandusky, Ohio and the fabled Cedar Point, touted as the best coaster park in the world. There, we will spend two days (as is advised by Josh's sister, who goes there every year), with an option for a third if we need it. Tuesday, whenever we finish that park, it's off to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. We'll stay in a hotel in Harrisburg Tuesday night, and Wednesday we'll spend at Hershey Park. Wednesday night we will again stay in Harrisburg. Thursday morning, we will head for home. If we feel like hitting one more park on the way home, it will be Six Flags Great Adventure, in New Jersey.

A few times before (and during?) high school, we made similar trips with Josh's dad. One time Ashley came with us. That was the first one, if I'm not mistaken. After a week with Josh and Mr R, Ashley doesn't like Josh very much. Some of you know Josh, and know exactly what I'm talking about. So does Josh. We've done all of these parks before except for Cedar Point, about which we are particular excited. Also on the list of parks we've visited on such trips: Busch Gardens VA, Dourney Park, and Six Flags Riverside. We also went to Coney Island to ride the original Comet. We always skipped Great Escape because it sucks. It's got the Steamin' Demon, and that's over in less than twenty seconds. Then you're done for the day.

So, just thought I'd let ya'll know what's going on. Thought you might be interested.


  1. Dood, you left out the part
    "and at every park we will take a photo of someone wearing a TeamPaulC hat in front of the parks sign."

    I'm just sayin...

  2. Good call. I'll have to make sure I've got a couple extras.

  3. Also, you may want to check out google latitude before your trip. I installed it on my cell phone and put the applet on the teampaulc blog. Its only been up for a few minutes but it looks like it could be cool.