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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iPhone Bump

iPhone Bump, a smartphone app by Bump Technologies LLC, sounds really, really cool. Ever had to give somebody somebody else's phone number? Hold on. I got it in my iPhone. It's five, five, three... three, two, two... two... No fun, right?

Enter: iPhone Bump. Flag the data you want to send, hold your two iPhones in your fists, and give 'em a bump. Instant data transfer. The iPhone feels the vibration of the bump, send that data, along with the data you want to send, to the BT server. The receiving phone feels the same bump, goes to the server and finds the data from the phone that felt the same bump with the same timestamp.

Awesome. I still neither own nor want an iPhone, but this app is wicked cool.


  1. This is interesting, yet troubling. No longer shall it be necessary to bump uglies, only iPhones? I am disappointed. My be sad

  2. Bumping uglies is still a perfectly valid option for modern Americans, but for those who lack either the time or the patience, bumping iPhones is now a legitimate alternative.