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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home at last

I'm totally wiped from driving 6-ish hours, so I may not make my huge post (encompassing all the e-mail reminders I sent myself from my phone) until tomorrow, but just a quick one now to end the trip on a blog note.

Hershey Park was great. It was less than I remember, but it was still a lot of fun. All the coasters at Cedar Point are eXtreme thrill rides designed to kick your ass. And they do. The coasters at Hershey Park are just solid fun. Not saying that the ones at CP weren't fun. Just a different kind of fun. Cedar Point was ball-to-the-wall fun. Hershey Park was relaxing fun. A good cooldown park.

It was wicked hot today in Harrisburg, PA, and I didn't imbibe nearly enough fluids, so by the time we left the park (I wanna say around 3), I was less than well-hydrated. So Josh drove the first ten or fifteen minutes until we found a subway while I passed out (or nearly passed out. Sometimes you can't quite be sure, you know?) in the passenger seat. After lunch, I drove the rest of the way back to smAlbany, and my hands are still vibrating. We made then trip in about about four and a half hours. Google said it should have taken 5:10. If we hadn't hit road work, we would have done it in 4 flat.

Later (perhaps tomorrow), I wil relate the whole story (summarized from my aforementioned e-mails), including monetary freak occurences, and the remainder of our "Haiku from the road". And yes, PaulC, I will link my posts later. I'm just too lazy to do it right now.

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