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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Terminator Motorcycle

So they were talking about the motorcycle terminators in the commercials before Star Trek this past weekend. I thought I'd post some pictures.


  1. very cool. But they should not call the gatling guns on the side "mini guns".
    There is nothing "mini" about them.

  2. I think the term "minigun" is mostly from video games. My understanding is that it refers to a personal-sized adaptation of a vehicle-class weapon, most commonly a gatling-type machine gun.

    Given that definition, and given the fact that the gatling gun on the A-10 warthog is five times this size (give or take), I feel the usage here is appropriate.

    Also, looking through that wiki article, the M61 Vulcan autocannon fires 100 20mm rounds per second. I think that will put a whole in just about anything.

  3. Agreed, but why do we have to take our definitions from game developers/marketers?

    While that gun may be "mini" compared to the M61, if it fires 9mm it is anything BUT mini.

    Is my HMCS(Hummer H1, wagon) "mini" because there are construction vehicles that are larger? Of course not. "Mini" must be used in context. So a 9mm gatling gun on a motorcycle is not mini.

  4. AS I understand it, 9mm (and I'm looking at one right now) is just about the smallest bullet that will reliably cause a mortal wound, and won't make it through drywall every time (I've seen multiple videos).

    In the grand scheme of small arms, I think 9mm qualifies as "mini". That being said, this isn't a 9mm single rifled barrel. This is a rotating, six-barreled gatling gun that probably fires in excess of ten rounds per second (which is a lot if you make gunfire noises with your mouth).

    So I guess you're right.